The ShapeShift DAO is excited to announce the launch of the FOX Merch store powered by our partnership with Top Drawer Merchandise (TDM). 

Through this partnership, TDM assumes the handling of the creation and distribution of ShapeShift merchandise worldwide and will fulfil the duties of the merchandise platform. The affiliation includes a 70% affiliate revenue share - acting as an additional revenue stream for the DAO. Profits from the store will go back to the ShapeShift DAO in the form of USDC at the end of each quarter. 

The additional revenue diversification sets the DAO up better for long-term sustained success and financial stability.

ShapeShift DAO is continuously exploring the DeFi universe

This partnership, along with the major release of the new open-source v2 platform and most recent participation in the Osmosis protocol as an Osmosis Validator, provides the ShapeShift DAO with multiple, diverse forms of revenue generation. The agility and diversity afforded by this DAO structure continue to be proven; ShapeShift DAO is repeatedly demonstrating it in spades! The ShapeShift community is adding new chains and protocol integrations as fast as possible.

We look forward to a future where users can access the entire universe of DeFi via ShapeShift. The DAO has grown exponentially in its short six-month existence since becoming decentralized. The past month alone has seen so many opportunities embraced and implemented, inspiring new ones already in process. 

ShapeShift on the cutting edge of the Crypto space  

The ShapeShift DAO constantly probes new and innovative ways to generate gains, increase visibility, and engage with a very active Discord community. The best part is we offer this for free as an open-source, public good. How do we do this? Through affiliate revenue strategies made possible by our community of foxes - like you! By creating affiliate partnerships with DeFi protocols, ShapeShift DAO not only earns revenues but is also planning to use a portion of these revenues to reward users with FOX so stay tuned!

The continued diversification of the Shapeshift DAO's treasury and implementation of various income streams make the ground on which the DAO operates more stable. Ultimately, these various partnerships and the ones being built will continue to build the DAO's capacity to stabilize, strengthen, and increase the value of its token for the benefit of its holders. 

Top Drawer Merchandise - Merchandise reimagined

TDM has a high level of knowledge in the crypto space and can execute at the highest level for product creation, implementing crypto as payment in the store, and management of any physical products as well as NFT’s. They currently work with Badger DAO, Iota, Yearn Finance, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gutter Cat Gang, etc.

The ShapeShift DAO now enjoys the benefit of a professionally managed Merch Store! In addition to the 70% affiliate revenue share, the community can now purchase high-quality ShapeShift swag with crypto or fiat.

Visit to check out the ShapeShift merch available today.

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